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To Fight Another Day -- Sun, 25 Jan 2009 14:04:33 GMTAs evidenced by project activity over the past two years, my investment in VSU: Black Paralysis has suffered to other interests. This is just an official notice that any work on the project has ceased until more productive times. If anyone has any lingering interest or questions, as always feel free to email! (0 comments)
State of Subversion -- Sat, 23 Dec 2006 11:42:26 GMTFor those of you who have tried to run the subversion dataset in the past year or so, it has just recently come to my attention that it was broken.

All the problems preventing the dataset from loading have now been fixed. Enjoy! (0 comments)
Big Guns, Little Guns -- Sat, 25 Nov 2006 11:16:08 GMTHello once again. Just a quick update to let you know the project is not dead!

My Vega Strike work over the last several months has consisted of "finishing" the rebalance work. To that end the ships have been made fully flight ready, and are well on their way to being fully rearmed.

What does this mean for Black Paralysis? Well, the stats on many of these ships will be pulled right on over from Vega Strike, as will the weapons. So effectively the work covers both projects.

What was wrong with the old weapon types? Basically there were too many, they were inconsistent, and they made no logical sense, even in the make believe universe in which these games reside. Hopefully these problems will shortly be fixed, as they're almost ready for the final rollout. Hooray etc. (0 comments)
Subversion Conversion -- Wed, 15 Mar 2006 12:12:01 GMTA SVN migration request has been entered, so the repository should be up within a few hours. Just a heads up, as the CVS repository won't be updated ever again... (0 comments)
Operation "Free Time" -- Sat, 11 Mar 2006 08:23:07 GMTWell, back at uni now, after the best summer ever, and free time looks like it may soon be upon me. Once the rebalance on Vegastrike is done, I'll be set to get cranking on some black-paralysis related stuff (yay!).

So keep your eyes out, and remember that any help is welcome. This sleeping baby should start stirring real soon now. (0 comments)
The Good, the Bad, and the Humid -- Thu, 24 Nov 2005 09:00:05 GMTThe good news is that I may soon find myself with plenty of free offline time to get the second release cranking.

The bad news is that this time is distributed over the next three months, and will occur at the end of each 12 hour shift.

The humid news is that each 12 hour shift is to occur up north on one of Pilbara Iron't minesites! So yay for money, yay for work experience, and indeed yay for some free time. But I'm afraid that tiredness may win out in the end. I hope I'm wrong, but in either case, if anyone wants to volunteer to work on a couple of the items on the todo list, I won't argue! (0 comments)
TODO List -- Tue, 18 Oct 2005 13:21:11 GMTThank you all who replied, or who got pestered into expressing some form of opinion!

Oddly enough, the suggestions I got were all pretty similar. I was very pleased to see this, as it means that there is a clear idea of what would be nice to have, and all the ideas are fairly easy to do!

So, in case anyone is actually interested in what's happening, my list is as follows:

+ Two systems
+ Three planets
+ One base screen (shared)
+ Important python scripts (economy, campaigns, missions, dj, others to be assessed)
+ One ship (with eject dock)
+ Basic weapons (maybe upgrades)
+ Splash and Death screens
+ Sample mission files (with documentation)
+ Explanation of included features, and use documentation ( as there aren't many features, not many docs are needed...thankfully )

Status update, and hopefully the release, shortly! (0 comments)
Wanted: Dataset Modding Suggestions -- Fri, 14 Oct 2005 14:02:59 GMTI'm looking into releasing a more feature-full 'minimal data set' for Vegastrike around the same time as Vegastrike's next release. So far I've had absolutely no feedback on the barebones set currently provided, so I don't know what type of features any potential (or current) modders are interested in having working 'out of the box.'

Currently I'm thinking a one ship, two single planet system dataset might be more useful. Included with this is likely to be slimmed down (python based) dynamic universe.

If anyone's got feedback or ideas on this, I want to hear them. (0 comments)
Progress Report -- Thu, 06 Oct 2005 08:39:54 GMTWork on Black-Paralysis (yes, there actually was some!) has recently stalled again. This time however, it wasn't due to time pressure, but the Campaign Editor. The editor is shaping up quite nicely, and I should be ready to do an initial Alpha release sometime in the next couple of weeks.

When completed, it should offer a nice, easy to use gui for creating campaigns in vegastrike. I believe this is a goal worth sacrificing some of my own modding time for. As always, if you want to lend a hand with either of these projects, let me know! (0 comments)
Basic Planning Information -- Sat, 06 Aug 2005 14:11:03 GMTSome basic planning information was committed into the 'resources' module in the file PLANNING. When anon cvs syncs, it will be available here:


Those of you who are interested, be sure to ask questions. There is a fair bit I have left out because it really does not matter at this stage, but will when the project gets moving. Happy reading! (0 comments)